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Automotive Repair

With a predominantly Automotive background we specialise in offering the highest quality OEM manufacturer finish replicating repair for your vehicle. Using the latest technologies and manufacturer approved products and process you can rest easy knowing your car is in good hands and benefit from our Lifetime Ownership Guarantee.*


  • Full 3 Stage Paint Correction Polishing (Wet Flat with 80% Surface Scratch Removal, Coarse Cutting Compound Rotary Machine Polish, An Anti-Hologram Orbital Machine Finish and a Ceramic Wax Coating for Optimal Paintwork Protection) - Prices starting from £350/Small Car - same day service
  • Alloy/Steel Wheel Refurbishment (Anti-corrosive treatment applied under primer for optimal protection and long lasting results) - Prices starting from £60/wheel - 2 day service with collection with removal and delivery with refit service available
  • Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel Refurbishment (Manufacturer approved CNC Diamond Tip Cut Service with Anti-Corrosive Direct to Metal Clearcoat Application - Prices starting at £95/wheel - 4 day service with collection with removal and delivery with refit options available
  • Corrosion Removal and Treatment (We can remove your unsightly corrosion before it spreads to far. We always treat corrosion with an inhibitor prior to repainting to keep the corrosion from coming back for as long as possible. Due to the nature of corrosion repairs they cannot be covered by our Lifetime Ownership Guarantee* - Prices starting from £100/panel
  • New Part Sourcing and/or Replacement - Price(s) dependant on part(s) - same day service
  • Bumper/Plastic Repairs (we have the equipment and experience to repair a wide range of plastics including cracks, dents and splits using hot/cold plastic weld and staple technologies. Our plastic repair paint process always includes identifying the correct adhesion promoters and primers for a long lasting and flexible result which is guaranteed not to delaminate) - Prices starting from £100/repair - same day service
  • Dent Removal (Each van and technician is equipped and trained to carry out welded pulls, glue pulls and use rods to remove the majority of small to medium dents before finishing with the smallest amount of filler required - less filler is always better! - Prices start from £100/repair - same day service
  • Headlamp Restoration (We remove all of the surface coating from the faded/peeling/damaged headlights and re-apply a water-based polycarbonate adhesion promoter - that bits important to keep the repair long lasting and the lens clear! And a highly UV resistant clearcoat. This allows us to offer our Lifetime Ownership Guarantee* on these repairs)
  • Scratched/Damaged/Cracked/Faded/De-Laminated or Poor Previous Paintwork Repairs (We a full, compliant, manufacturer backed, Mipa Paint's system throughout your paint process allowing us to provide optimal and guaranteed results) - Prices starting from £100/panel - same day service
  • Paint Repair Panel (Priming and painting over a panel we have repaired) - Prices starting from £100/panel - same day service
  • Paint New Panel (Supplied/Sourced New Panel) - Prices starting from £50/part
  • Colour Change Part (A Colour change to an external or internal panel/part) - Prices start from £50/part


We offer a range of high quality Marine solutions ranging from paintwork to gelcoat de-oxidation, repair and restoration.


  • Full 3 Stage GRP/Paint Correction Polishing with De-Oxidation (Wet flat with 80% Surface Scratch Removal, De-Oxidation Extra Coarse Compound Rotary Machine Polish, An Anti-Hologram Orbital Machine Finish and a Ceramic Wax Coating - Prices start from £25/hour labour
  • Anti-Fouling Removal and Re-application - Prices start at £25/hour
  • Stainless Steel Rejuvenation - Prices start at £25/hour
  • Canopy Extensive Wash and Re-Waterproofing - Prices start at £25/hour
  • Canopy Paint (Must be similar colour to original. We use a flexible Industrial coating suitable for fabric, PVC and Canvas) - Price on application
  • Hull Paint - Price on application


We offer a vast range of Custom Paintwork where the possibilities are as endless as your imagination. With over 260,000 colour combinations for you to choose from we can help design and plan your projects or builds and using airbrushes, stencils, de-laminated stickers and special effect paints we can offer a suitable solution for all. 


  • Bicycle Frame Paintwork (Alloy, Steel, Carbon or Fibreglass etc. we have a long-lasting solution for your frame) - Prices start from £150/frame
  • Motorcycle Paint/Repair/Design (We can provide any service you require for your motorbike part repair, restoration or colour change) - Prices start at £100/part
  • Helmet Paint/Design - Price on application
  • Special Effect Paintwork (We offer a vast range of Neon, Flip, Colour changing, Chrome effect, Flake and Candy Effect Paints) - Price on application
  • ALL PROJECTS CONSIDERED (We have a coating for everything) - Price on application


With many years experience working with Industrial coatings we can offer a vast range of protective coatings to suit every customers needs. We have access to over 80,000 Industrial colour combinations and thousands of product solutions to match every customers requirement or price point.


  • Agricultural Machinery - Price on application
  • Gym Equipment - Price on application
  • Fencing/Gates Metal Work etc. - Price on application
  • Wood/MDF Painting - Price on application
  • Floor Painting (Epoxy and Polyurethane 2k Floor Coatings suitable for forklift traffic) - Price on application
  • Glass Painting - Price on application
  • Underwater Anti-Corrosive Coating (i.e Bridge steels) - Price on application
  • Skip Refurbishment - Price on application
  • Shipping Container Refurbishment - Price on application
  • Aerospace Paintwork - Price on application
  • ALL PROJECTS CONSIDERED (We have a coating for everything) - Price on application


We have a wide range of decorative spray and coating solutions suitable to enhance, improve or personalise your home or office.


  • Kitchen Unit Refurbishments (With over 80,000 colour options including Farrow and Ball. We can repair, restore and repaint your current kitchen units with long lasting coatings, savings you thousands compared to buying a new kitchen) - Prices start from £1500/kitchen
  • uPVC Window Frame Colour Change (We can provide complete colour changes to both the exterior and interior of your windows. We will also remove and reapply colour coded silicon and provide you with a 5 year guarantee) - Prices start from £150/window
  • Composite/uPVC Door Colour Change (We can provide a complete colour change to your doors with over 80,000 colour variations for you to choose from) - Prices start from £150
  • Radiator Repaints (Many white radiators yellow over time, we can provide colour coding or refurbishment solutions for your household radiators) - Prices starting from £100/Radiator
  • Cladding Painting (With over 80,000 colour options we can colour code your cladding of any material) - Price on application


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